Why do babies have a special attachment to plush toys and blankets?

Every baby seems to have a very attached little thing. It may be a soft plush bear, a soft animal blanket, or even a mum’s scarf or a towel. Why do babies have a strong attachment to these fluffy or soft little things?

Because the baby needs an object to provide him with a sense of security in the process of growing from a newborn baby fully cared for to an independent individual, such objects are called "transitional objects" in psychology. , A more everyday term is "lovey" or "comfort object". So how can parents make their babies use these Loveys appropriately?

Why do babies attach to soft toys, soft toy wholesale,blankets and other comforting objects?

Almost half of babies will show strong attachment to a certain object when they are young. This object can be a plush toy, a plush blanket, etc. These loveys are usually very common items in life, and they are very convenient to carry. The baby will hold it wherever he goes. You must also take the loveys to sleep at night.

Why are babies so attached to these things? The main reason is that these loveys can provide babies with love and security.

When the baby reaches a certain age, in addition to getting along with close family members such as mom and dad, they will have more and more in-depth contact with the outside world, and mom and dad cannot always accompany the baby. At this time, the baby will It needs other sources of security besides parents, and loveys plays this role.

The soft touch, comfortable smell and even shape of the plush toy soothing objects can make the baby feel the familiar comfort and safety feeling when being with parents and help them cope with various unfamiliar situations.

In addition, for parents, these loveys can also alleviate the pressure of parents with children.

Many parents will use Loveys to comfort their babies. For example, when he refuses to go to kindergarten, refuses to sleep with his parents in a separate room, or when he is upset in a new environment, just put loveys in the baby's arms to make the baby calm down quickly. Come down, so at some point, loveys can be said to be a "child-raising artifact" in general.




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